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Business Insurance For The Diamond And Jewelry Industry


Berzon Diamonds Insurance Agency (1993) Ltd. specializes in jewelers’ block (JB) insurance for the diamond industry and trade. This insurance covers physical loss or damage arising from any cause, unless specifically excluded in the policy.

JB insurance policy insures goods with consideration for all of the business activities of firms in the diamond and jewelry industry and trade. Inter alia, the policy covers stock on the premises (offices, factories, shops, private homes), transit of goods, goods and trusted to third parties (such as brokers, contractors and customers), shipments, exhibitions and more, in Israel and worldwide.

JB insurance we provide to our clients is placed with German insurance company Delvag, member of  Lufthansa Group and Lloyd’s of London, one of the largest and oldest international insurance markets in the world

We specialize in multinational JB policies – which give diamond industry and trade firms peace of mind, enabling them to work securely anywhere in the world.

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