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Berzon Since

1993 Diamonds Insurance experts

Berzon is an exclusive representative in Israel of Delvag , insurance company, part of Lufthansa group and OMC of Lloyd’s of London.

provides unique insurance services to its varied customers in the Israeli diamond industry and trade.

Berzon serves as the exclusive representative in Israel of the German insurance company Delvag of the Lufthansa group and is OMC Lloyd’s of London in Israel

The company was established and managed by Dan Berzon it is an integral part of the Israeli diamond industry and trade and has gained considerable reputation over the years.

Jeweler’s block insurance provides the diamond industry firms with peace of mind, security and the ability to work securely anywhere in the world. We provide our customers with effective and creative insurance solutions, fully suited to their business needs.

Personal jewelry insurance provides wide coverage anywhere in the world, without a need for prior advice before traveling. Household and does not depended on home insurance.

We are located in the heart of the Israeli diamond industry and trade, in the Diamond Exchange complex in Ramat Gan.

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